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How Views Have Changed About Electric Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating has long been seen as a luxury product, out of the reach of most people. However, that view is changing as this method of heating is becoming more of a standard in many homes.

Carrying Out Underfloor Heating Maintenance

An underfloor heating system will require minimal maintenance once it is put in place. Here are a few simple tips to get the most from your system and what to do if a fault does develop.

Is It Possible to Save Money With Spray Foam Insulation?

Learn how spray foam insulation can save you money all year round. This type of insulation is cost effective, safe, and easy to install by a professional.

How To Avoid An Expensive Service Call When Your Gas Heater’s Pilot Light Won’t Stay Lit

There is often a quick, simple fix when the pilot light on your gas heater keeps going out. Knowing how the heater works will save you money and time waiting for the repairman.

How Underfloor Heating Provides The Highest Level of Comfort

Temperature changes in a room can result in an uncomfortable, stuffy environment. Underfloor heating provides even, natural warmth without the changes in temperature associated with more traditional methods of central heating.

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