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Applications Of Temperature Sensors

Temperature sensors are used in almost any area. Here are some of the areas where they have wide applications: At home The units are used in different areas of the house. The two most popular being in the kitchen and in home heating and cooling systems. In the kitchen, the units are used in the refrigerator. Here, once the desired temperature is achieved, the refrigerator switches off.

How to Avoid Side Effects of Air Conditioners

Air conditioners are indeed our saviour in the months where there is absolutely no respite from the heat. But you may not be aware of the side effects of air conditioners which come along. Know how to avoid them and keep yourself safe and healthy.

My Central Heating Has Now Started To Take Longer To Heat My Home – Why?

My central heating use to take around 30 minutes to heat my home to a comfortable temperature, now though it seems that it takes anywhere up to an hour or more, what is wrong with my central heating? This is a common question that seems to get asked a lot now days. There are a couple answers to this question, that I will now go through and try and explain as to what may be happening.

How to Choose an Efficient DRU Fire For Your Home

Everyone loves the winter season but surely not want to get frozen with the chilly winds and snowy days, that’s why most of us like to have a fireplace at our homes to keep us warm and let us enjoy the winters to the full. The most liked ones in these cold days are the gas fireplaces because they are a great solution even when you have to face a sudden power shutdown.

6 Tips for Maintaining Your Air Conditioning Unit

We depend on our air conditioning system to keep us cool when temperatures soar. But we must do our part. Here are some simple maintenance tips that can extend the life of your AC system.

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