Flushing Clogged AC Drain Pipe with Milwaukee Cordless Transfer Pump

Mistakes Homeowners Make With Their AC

Many times homeowners have air conditioning installed and then take for granted that it will continue to work for many years without doing any type of maintenance. When doing this their air conditioner will soon stop working at its optimal performance and begin to have problems.

5 Signs Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality Isn’t Exactly Healthy

Itchy and watery eyes, scratchy throat, and uncontrollable coughing are all symptoms of colds, allergies, and air pollution. But, many people suffering from these signs simply expect their symptoms to worsen at certain times of the season without giving any thought to the quality of air inside their residences. In fact, many unfavorable symptoms are a result of low air quality inside the home rather than pollutants or allergens related to seasonal allergies. Here are 5 signs your home’s indoor air quality is not healthy.

5 Tips To Help You Find The Best Heating and Air Conditioning Company

There are not many things worse for a homeowner than having the air conditioning and heating unit suddenly stop functioning. If you are in the middle of a hot summer or freezing winter, the effects can be catastrophic not only for your comfort, but for your home. When you need a new HVAC unit or maintenance on your existing unit, you likely want to call in the best company you can find. With so many options available and so much at stake, how can you make sure to make the best decision? Here are 5 tips to help you find the best heating and air conditioning company.

Choosing Wood Heaters For Your Home

There are lots of ways to warm your home to get you through those long, sometimes bitter winters. You could use regular electric heaters, though the electric bill could really add up if this is your sole source of heat. Then there are the oil-based or gas heaters, which can also get quite expensive, not to mention dangerous if your oil or propane were to ignite. One of the safer and more fun ways to heat your home would be though the use of wood heaters. No matter how small or large your residence is, there is like one that will suit you well.

5 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Their Home Air Conditioning Bills

It is said that nearly half of our energy use goes to heating and cooling our homes. If this statistic sounds like you, you might be wondering if there is a way to be more mindful of your electric bill while still keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. Indeed, reducing the amount of energy you use to keep cool can equate to savings on your bill. Below are 5 things you need to know about your home air conditioning bills to help keep your pockets full while summer temperatures soar.

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