Gas Furnace Problem… how did I miss this ???

Getting Rid of Condensation on Windows

Beads of condensed water are capable of forming on your home’s windows, no matter what area of the country you live in. Have you noticed condensation building up on the windows of your home?

Should You Turn Up the AC When You Leave Home?

After installing air conditioning in your home, you may be unfamiliar with how it works and will be tempted to turn up the AC when you leave for the day. However, it’s better to use a thermostat.

9 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning Should Use a PIR Duct Panel System

PIR duct panels are considered the most innovative and reliable air duct system to date, but what makes it a cut above the rest is not just the advanced technology used in manufacturing them. Instead, its reputation as the new standard in duct panel manufacturing is attributed to its several advantageous features. Thermal efficiency Pre-insulated ducts with rigid PIR panels possess a lower heat conductivity, which will also translate into higher thermal efficiency for your heating, ventilation, and air condition system.

How to Install Central Air Conditioning Ducts

There are four main steps in installing a central air conditioning duct in the house. First, you have to plan the layout. Then you will need to prepare the ducts.

Are You Breathing Healthy Air?

Ever wonder what impact the air in your home you breathe has on your self and your family? Find out more about it, your health may depend on it.

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