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Thinking About Buying an Energy Efficient Heater? These 5 Facts Might Help

The increases in technology related to home heating are revolutionizing the industry. No longer do customers have to choose between expensive electrical bills or inefficient units that fail to work properly under strenuous conditions. Today customers can have both due to advances in heating efficiency. Energy Star initiatives have mainstreamed efficiency goals nationwide and have allowed healthy competition among manufacturers to produce great quality units at very affordable prices. Gone are the days of expensive units that fail to meet up to expectations. Are you thinking about buying an energy efficient heater? These are 5 facts that may help.

7 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask About Your Home’s Heating System

Your home’s HVAC unit system is the heart of the home. There is a reason why they call it central air, because it is at the center of what makes your home inhabitable. Having your home at the ideal temperature makes all the difference when it comes to comfort and coziness. Maintaining the ability to monitor and control the cooling and heating preferences indoors while ensuring the home is properly ventilated and the air filtration system is working correctly, requires some basic understanding about your heating system. Here are 7 questions you always wanted to ask about it.

Closed Loop Geothermal Residential HVAC Systems

Understanding the basics of a residential closed loop geothermal HVAC system will help in making a decision on which HVAC system is best for your property. The different types of systems work in different situations and knowing the differences assure the homeowner makes an informed decision.

Why Duct Cleaning Is Important to Your Health and Home

Clogged ducts cost money and can destroy the home’s atmosphere. Invest in duct cleaning to keep heating and cooling units running smoothly.

Five Unexpected Uses for Water Heaters

Hot water heaters have many uses beyond the typical tasks assigned to them, and finding creative ways to enhance health and improve lifestyles with hot water can be simple. These unexpected, yet easy ways to hydrate and use hot water may lead to an increased interest in upgrading to a new tankless system.

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