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Stay Cool and Save Cash With These Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Tips

To maximize the efficiency of your AC unit and save money on energy bills, it’s vital to perform certain air conditioner repair and maintenance tasks. Follow these tips to keep your home cool without spending a bundle this cooling season.

Natural Ways to Heat Your Home

When it comes to heating your home – yes, it’s a good idea to think ahead to winter even though the warm weather has finally arrived – to save yourself money it’s well worth looking at alternative heating solutions to the traditional gas central heating system or electric radiators. An open fire Having an open fire installed in the living room not only ensures your living room is lovely and cosy it can also help to heat the whole house, especially the rooms the chimney flue runs through.

Three Ways to Keep Warm This Winter

You need something that will keep you and your family warm without taking too big a toll on your energy bill. The trick is choosing just the right heater for your home.

Could I Install a Wood Burning Stove in My Conservatory?

Both conservatories and wood burners are popular additions to a property, but what happens when you try and combine the two? Many people want to be able to enjoy their conservatory throughout the year, but don’t want to extend their existing heating system and prefer the economy and appeal of wood to the costly operation and messy installation which an electric heater would entail.

Learn To Install Underfloor Heating

Find out how to install electric underfloor heating here. With underfloor heating becoming increasingly popular, it makes sense for builders and electricians to know how to install it.

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