HVAC line sets should not be on the ground

Household Dust: A Closer Look at What Might Be Holding You Back

Household dust is often ignored, but most people breathe it every day. And when you look at what it contains, you can see that it could be responsible for a large portion of ailments that take away from our quality of life. Fortunately, there are some easy fixes to this problem.

Tips for Keeping Your Children Healthy With Air Conditioning

We learned that our air conditioner not only cleans the air in our home, but also helps our kids sleep well at night. We’ll also explain why it is important to keep your air conditioner filter clean.

Maintaining Your Furnace

Regular inspection and maintenance is the best way to ensure reliability of your natural gas furnace. You can do most procedures quite easily, but a qualified and licensed gas contractor should inspect and service your furnace at the intervals recommended in the owner’s manual; usually annually.

Home Heating Oil – The Facts And the Fiction

Few sources of energy for the home are as misunderstood as heating oil. There are a lot of common misconceptions surrounding oil; which can deter people from choosing to heat their home using this method.

Why Choose an Electric Radiator?

Electric radiators used to have something of a bad name. Ugly, expensive and wildly inefficient, they were seen as a second class alternative to the cheaper and longer lasting central heating systems which millions of homes are still fitted with. For a long while, all those things were true, and electric radiators were nothing more than another option available to those who for whatever reason couldn’t (or didn’t want to) fit central heating.

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