HVAC Service Call AC water leaking from drain pan

Home Design: Ready for Summer’s Heat? 11 Tips to Keep Your Cool

Summer is wonderful – there are barbecues and beach days, baseball games and lazy evenings relaxing outdoors. But summer also means high energy costs and utility bills that can be tough on your budget. What’s more, air conditioners (AC) that run continuously can be stressful for your home’s wiring and potentially cause a fire; thereby ruining your home design and interior decor.

How to Solve 3 Common HVAC Problems

Don’t let problems with the HVAC system make your home less cozy and less energy-efficient, but solve them as soon as they arise. Find out how to do it quickly and effectively, even if you have no previous experience in DIY. It’s time to enjoy maximum comfort and to reduce your energy consumption.

6 Way to Prevent Heating Loss

Heating appliances can create a favorable indoor environment during cold weather. Preventing hot air from escaping a home can help cut down on heating costs.

Central Heating – What Is It?

When talking about central heating you are referring to a network of vents and ductwork plus the furnace that lets heat circulate all the way through the entire interior of a building or home at one time. Normally heat is generated from a central location and then distributed through the building, whether it is a building or home. Even though it is called central heating it does not have to be in a central location.

How to Avoid Hot Water Problems From Your Combination Boiler

The Combination boiler was invented many years ago and was designed for properties without a loft space and for flats and apartments. We all know that flats and apartments are limited for space. So when it first appeared on the market it was hailed as a revolution.

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