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Different Forms of Underfloor Heating – What You Should Know

Underfloor heating, or “heating under the floor” is one of the most common types of heating systems used in homes today. While this particular type of heating system has been around for decades, it is increasingly used in homes around the world today.

Isn’t It About Time You Learnt The History Of The Fireplace

If you have a fireplace or thinking about buying a fire place to have in your own dwelling, you should know about its origins don’t you think? Ahhh… History of the Fireplace… Such nostalgic words.

Your AC System Needs to Breathe, Too!

A well-built home is not necessarily a well-ventilated home. And a home or small business that doesn’t properly ventilate (e.g. “breathe”) leads to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), which causes illnesses. This is no small thing: IAQ is becoming a major health issue.

Going Green Makes a Lot of CENTS

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why investing in energy-efficiency upgrades in multi-family properties makes a lot of “cents” for any developer or investor. What are you waiting for?

Save 20 Percent (or More) on Heating, Cooling Bills: Top Five Home Energy Efficiency Upgrades

Anyone who wants to learn how to save money on their heating and cooling bills – and who doesn’t? – must familiarize themselves with the term, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, (SEER) as part of an overall strategy to upgrade the energy efficiency of their home. (SEER is the energy-efficiency rating of a residence or small commercial business.

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