Pete Hill Motorcycles AC unit is an antique

What “Shin Deep” Insulation Does For Your Electric Bill?

When I think about insulation as it relates to cool air I think about a lunch box. When a lunch box has that nice thick layer of that silver insulation, it keeps its contents nice and cool throughout the day. The same holds true for your home, if your home is properly insulated then your home remains cool throughout the day.

Why Is That One Room Always Hot?

We all have that room in our homes that is either the “hot” room or the “cold” room. We don’t really know why it’s a different temperature than the rest of the house but we have come to accept it. Perhaps you are closing off one vent to try and get more air to come out of another.

Dual-Fuel Heat Pumps

Dual-fuel heat pumps offer a highly efficient way to fight off the chill of winter. For businesses and commercial facilities, these package systems provide an effective and affordable alternative to other types of heating. Read on to determine whether this type of HVAC system is right for your business.

Lightning Could Cost You $6,500

As Florida residents we live in the lightning capital of the United States, each year the Sunshine State is hit with 1.5 million lighting strikes. With such a high density of lightning around us it is a wonder why we are not the surge protector capital of the United States.

Heat and Energy Recovery Whole House Ventilation Systems

Whole house ventilation systems are a great way to improve indoor air quality and upgrade the performance of heating and air conditioning systems. Although this technology isn’t new, its importance for a healthy home has increased as energy efficient construction technologies have developed.

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