Tempstar ICP Gas Furnace Circuit Board Replaced

How Air Conditioning Has Affected Our Environment

We live in a world where breathing under conditioned air is not a luxury anymore but a necessity. We are accustomed to a controlled temperature inside our rooms and we think we can control it all. But Mother Nature cannot alter herself according to your convenience rather we need to do that.

Which Is The Right Outdoor Heater – Gas, Electric, Or Propane?

Organising a get-together at your patio for your friends and family in the winter? Don’t you think that having a patio heater will be an amazing idea as it will allow you to enjoy every moment without worrying about the chilly weather? Have a look at different types of outdoor heater.

Busted – Top 3 Myths About An Air Conditioning System

Has your air conditioning system started malfunctioning just after a few months of installation? Well, it is not something that is only faced by you as a lot of people deal with the same issues. Instead of panicking with the thought that all your investment in the expensive air conditioning system you have just bought has gone away, you should see the issues minutely and find out the solution.

4 Things To Look For While Getting Patio Heaters

Planning to buy or hire a patio heater? Are you aware with the different options available? Do you know what your requirements are? It’s important to consider a wide range of things before making any decision. Here are 4 things that will help you to choose the best patio heater.

Servicing And Maintaining Your Dehumidifier

Usually, dehumidifiers are free from trouble but you need to have them maintained. This involves emptying the tank and cleaning them periodically. This is to ensure that bacteria and any mildew are handled. The coils should be vacuumed to remove the dirt and the power cord and the plug need to be removed if at all they are worn.

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